DEEP: Database of Early English Playbooks

1600 Shakespeare, William Henry the Fifth

Reference Information

DEEP #: 288
Greg #: 165a
STC/Wing #: 22289
Record Type: Single-Play Playbook
Play Type: Adult Professional
Genre (Annals): History
Book Edition: 1
Play Edition: 1
Format: Quarto
Leaves: 28
Date of First Publication: 1600
Date of First Production: 1599 [1598-1599]
Company of First Production: Lord Chamberlain's (Hunsdon's) Men
Company Attribution: Lord Chamberlain's (Hunsdon's) Men
Total Editions: 3 quartos, 2 folios in collection

Title-Page Features

Title: THE CRONICLE History of Henry the fift, With his battell fought at Agin Court in France. Togither with Auntient Pistoll.
Performance: As it hath bene sundry times playd by the Right honorable the Lord Chamberlaine his seruants.
Imprint: LONDON Printed by Thomas Creede, for Tho. Millington, and Iohn Busby. And are to be sold at his house in Carter Lane, next the Powle head. 1600.

Paratextual Material


Stationer Information

Printer: Creede, Thomas
Publisher: Millington, Thomas; Busby, John (1)
Imprint Location: R.1 (Thames St. 1 - Carter Lane)
Entries in Stationers' Register: Aug 4, 1600(?): "Henry the ffift: / a booke ... to be staied".
Aug 14, 1600: Entered "These Copyes followinge beinge thinges formerlye printed & sett over to" Thomas Pavier: "The historye of Henrye the vth wth the battell of Agencourt".
Aug 4, 1626: Transferred from the widow of Thomas Pavier to Edward Brewster and Robert Bird: "The history of Hen: the fift, and the play of the same".
Nov 8, 1630: Transferred from Robert Bird to Richard Cotes: "Agincourt."
Additional Notes: William Shakespeare: A Textual Companion dates the first production to 1598-1599; Annals dates it to 1599.