DEEP: Database of Early English Playbooks

1608 [i.e., 1619] Shakespeare, William Henry the Fifth

Reference Information

DEEP #: 290
Greg #: 165c
STC/Wing #: 22291
Record Type: Single-Play Playbook
Play Type: Adult Professional
Genre (Annals): History
Book Edition: 3
Play Edition: 3
Format: Quarto
Leaves: 28
Date of First Publication: 1600
Date of First Production: 1599 [1598-1599]
Company of First Production: Lord Chamberlain's (Hunsdon's) Men
Company Attribution: Lord Chamberlain's (Hunsdon's) Men
Total Editions: 3 quartos, 2 folios in collection

Title-Page Features

Title: THE Chronicle History of Henry the fift, with his battell fought at Agin Court in France. Together with ancient Pistoll.
Performance: As it hath bene sundry times playd by the Right Honourable the Lord Chamberlaine his Seruants.
Imprint: Printed for T. P. 1608.

Paratextual Material


Stationer Information

Printer: Jaggard, William
Publisher: Pavier, Thomas
Entries in Stationers' Register: Aug 4, 1600(?): "Henry the ffift: / a booke ... to be staied".
Aug 14, 1600: Entered "These Copyes followinge beinge thinges formerlye printed & sett over to" Thomas Pavier: "The historye of Henrye the vth wth the battell of Agencourt".
Aug 4, 1626: Transferred from the widow of Thomas Pavier to Edward Brewster and Robert Bird: "The history of Hen: the fift, and the play of the same".
Nov 8, 1630: Transferred from Robert Bird to Richard Cotes: "Agincourt."
Additional Notes: The imprint is false; the volume was actually printed in 1619 by William Jaggard for Thomas Pavier and apparently intended to form part of Pavier's Shakespeare collection of that year. William Shakespeare: A Textual Companion dates the first production to 1598-1599; Annals dates it to 1599.