DEEP: Database of Early English Playbooks

1600 Dekker, Thomas The Shoemaker's Holiday, or The Gentle Craft

Reference Information

DEEP #: 307
Greg #: 175a
STC/Wing #: 6523
Record Type: Single-Play Playbook
Play Type: Adult Professional
Genre (Annals): Comedy
Book Edition: 1
Play Edition: 1
Format: Quarto
Leaves: 40
Black Letter: Yes
Date of First Publication: 1600
Date of First Production: 1599 [Jul 15, payment]
Company of First Production: Admiral's (Nottingham's) Men
Company Attribution: Admiral's (Nottingham's) Men
Total Editions: 6 quartos

Title-Page Features

Title: THE SHOMAKERS Holiday. OR The Gentle Craft. With the humorous life of Simon Eyre, shoomaker, and Lord Maior of London.
Performance: As it was acted before the Queenes most excellent Maiestie on New-yeares day at night last, by the right honourable the Earle of Notingham, Lord high Admirall of England, his seruants.
Imprint: Printed by Valentine Sims dwelling at the foote of Adling hill, neer Bainards Castle, at the signe of the White Swanne, and are there to be sold. 1600.

Paratextual Material

Dedication: Epistle to: "To all good Fellowes, Professors of the Gentle Craft; of what degree soeuer"; from: unsigned [A3r]
Other Paratexts: "The first Three-mans Song" [A3v]; "The second Three-mans Song" [A4r]

Stationer Information

Printer: Simmes, Valentine
Imprint Location: R.6 (Thames St. 1 - Baynard's Castle)
Entries in Stationers' Register: Apr 19, 1610: Transferred from Valentine Simmes to John Wright (1): "A booke called, the shoomakers holyday or the gentle crafte ... It is agreed that Valentyne Symms shall haue the workmanshipp of the printinge thereof, for the vse of the sayd Iohn wrighte, during his lyfe, yf he haue a printinge house of his owne".
Jun 27, 1646: Transferred from John Wright (1) to Edward Wright: "The Shoemakers holiday. a play."
Apr 4, 1655: Transferred from Edward Wright to William Gilbertson: "A Play called The Shooemakers Holiday or the Gentle Craft."