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1593 Marlowe, Christopher 1 & 2 Tamburlaine the Great

Reference Information

DEEP #: 5018
Greg #: n/a
STC/Wing #: 17426
Record Type: Collection
Play Type: Collection of Adult Professional Plays
Genre (Annals): n/a
Book Edition: 2
Play Edition: n/a
Format: Octavo
Leaves: 72
Black Letter: Yes
Date of First Publication: 1590
Date of First Production: n/a
Company of First Production: n/a
Company Attribution: Admiral's (Nottingham's) Men
Total Editions: 3 octavos

Title-Page Features

Title: Tamburlaine the Great. Who, from a Scythian Shepheard, by his rare and wonderfull Conquestes, became a most puissant and mightie Mornarch: And (for his tyrannie, and terrour in warre) was tearmed, The Scourge of God. The first part of the two Tragicall discourses,
Performance: as they were sundrie times most stately shewed vpon Stages in the Citie of London. By the right honorable the Lord Admirall, his seruauntes.
Imprint: Now newly published. Printed by Richard Iones, dwelling at the signe of the Rose and Crowne neere Holborne Bridge. 1593.

Paratextual Material

To the Reader: "To the Reader" headed "To the Gentlemen Readers: and others that take pleasure in reading Histories" signed "R. I. Printer" (Richard Jones) [A2r]

Stationer Information

Printer: Robinson, Robert
Publisher: Jones, Richard
Imprint Location: V.2 (Holborn - Holborn Bridge)
Entries in Stationers' Register: Aug 14, 1590: Entered to Richard Jones: "The twooe commicall discourses of Tomberlein the Cithian shepparde".