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1630 Dekker, Thomas 2 The Honest Whore (2 The Converted Courtesan)

Reference Information

DEEP #: 755
Greg #: 435a
STC/Wing #: 6506
Record Type: Single-Play Playbook
Play Type: Adult Professional
Genre (Annals): Comedy
Book Edition: 1
Play Edition: 1
Format: Quarto
Leaves: 44
Date of First Publication: 1630
Date of First Production: 1605 [1604-c.1605]
Company of First Production: Prince Henry's Men
Company Attribution: n/a
Total Editions: 1 quarto

Title-Page Features

Title: THE SECOND PART OF THE HONEST WHORE, WITH THE HVMORS of the Patient Man, the Impatient Wife: the Honest Whore, perswaded by strong Arguments to turne Curtizan againe: her braue refuting those Arguments. And lastly, the Comicall Passages of an Italian Bridewell, where the Sc├Žne ends.
Author: Written by THOMAS DEKKER.
Imprint: LONDON, Printed by Elizabeth All-de, for Nathaniel Butter. An. Dom. 1630.

Paratextual Material


Stationer Information

Printer: Allde, Elizabeth
Publisher: Butter, Nathaniel
Entries in Stationers' Register: Apr 29, 1608: Entered to Thomas Man (2): "A booke called the second parte of the conuerted Courtisan or honest Whore [no sum]".
Jun 29, 1630: Entered to Nathaniel Butter: "The second part of the Honest Hoore by Th. Dekker".
May 21, 1639: Transferred from Nathaniel Butter to Miles Flesher: "saluo iure cuiuscunque ... The second part of the honest whore."