DEEP: Database of Early English Playbooks

1633 Shirley, James The Bird in a Cage (The Beauties)

Reference Information

DEEP #: 816
Greg #: 479a
STC/Wing #: 22436
Record Type: Single-Play Playbook
Play Type: Adult Professional
Genre (Annals): Comedy
Book Edition: 1
Play Edition: 1
Format: Quarto
Leaves: 38
Date of First Publication: 1633
Date of First Production: 1633 [licensed for stage, Jan 21]
Company of First Production: Queen Henrietta Maria's Men
Company Attribution: n/a
Total Editions: 1 quarto

Title-Page Features

Title: THE BIRD IN A CAGE. A Comedie.
Author: The Author IAMES SHIRLEY, Servant to Her Majesty.
Performance: As it hath beene Presented at the Phœnix in Drury-Lane.
Latin Motto: IUVEN. Satyra. 7. Et Spes, & ratio Studiorum, in Cæsare tantum.
Imprint: LONDON Printed by B. Alsop. and T. Fawcet. for William Cooke, and are to be sold at his Shop neere Furnivals-Jnne Gate, in Holborne. 1633.

Paratextual Material

Dedication: "The Epistle Dedicatorie" to: William Prynne (pamphleteer and lawyer); from: James Shirley [A2r]
To the Reader: "The Printer to the Reader" [K4r]
Character List: "The Persons" [A1v]

Stationer Information

Printer: Alsop, Bernard; Fawcet, Thomas
Publisher: Cooke, William
Imprint Location: V.8 (Holborn - Furnival's Inn)
Entries in Stationers' Register: Mar 19, 1633: Entered to William Cooke: "a Comedy called The Bird in the Cage. by Ia: Shirley".
Additional Notes: Annals gives the date of Henry Herbert's license for the stage as June 21, but it is actually from January 21 (see N. W. Bawcutt, The Control and Censorship of Caroline Drama [Clarendon, 1996], 178).