DEEP: Database of Early English Playbooks

1640 Richards, Nathaniel Messalina, the Roman Empress

Reference Information

DEEP #: 953
Greg #: 578a
STC/Wing #: 21011
Record Type: Single-Play Playbook
Play Type: Adult Professional
Genre (Annals): Tragedy
Book Edition: 1
Play Edition: 1
Format: Octavo
Leaves: 48
Date of First Publication: 1640
Date of First Production: 1635 [1634-1636]
Company of First Production: King's Revels Company
Company Attribution: King's Revels Company
Total Editions: 1 octavo

Title-Page Features

Title: [engraved title page; A2r] THE TRAGEDY of MESSALLINA
[letterpress title page; A3r] THE TRAGEDY OF MESSALLINA The Roman Emperesse.
Author: [engraved title page] by N: RICHARDS.
[letterpress title page] Written by NATHANAEL RICHARDS.
Performance: [letterpress title page] As it hath beene Acted With generall applause divers times, by the Company of his Majesties Revells.
Latin Motto: [letterpress title page; in single column] Optimus hic & formosissimus idem | Gentis patritiæ rapitur miser extinguendus. | Messallinæ oculis. Iuvenal, Satyr. 10.
Illustration: On engraved title page, images of "CLAVDIVS CÆSAR", "MESSALINA", and "SILIVS" surrounding the title; engraved portrait on frontispiece, inscribed "Vera, ac viva Effigies Nathanaelis Richards Gen:", signed "TR sculp:" [A1v]
Imprint: [engraved title page] london printed for Dan: Frere. 1640
[letterpress title page] London Printed by Tho. Cotes for Daniel Frere, at the signe of the Red Bull in Little Brittaine. 1640.

Paratextual Material

Dedication: "The Epistle. Dedicatory" [sic] to: John Carey (2nd Earl of Dover); from: Nathaniel Richards [A4r]
Commendatory Verses: 6: by "Stephen Bradwell"; "Robert Davenport"; "Thoma Combe"; "Jo. Robinson"; "Tho. Iordan"; "Tho. Rawlines" [A6r]
Character List: "The Actors Names" [B1r]
Actor List: part of "The Actors Names" [B1r]

Stationer Information

Printer: Cotes, Thomas
Publisher: Frere, Daniel
Imprint Location: F.4 (Aldersgate Without - Little Britain)
Entries in Stationers' Register: Oct 3, 1639: Entered to Daniel Frere: "The Tragedy of Messalina the Roman Emperesse by N: R".